Michigan Medicaid Program, Application and Eligibility: Medical Health Care for Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist and much more

Program Michigan medicaid DentistMichigan Medicaid: Dentist, Doctor, and more
For those who cannot afford or do not qualify for Medicare, there is a health plan alternative that can be a literal lifesaver. In the state of Michigan, this is called Michigan Medicaid and is supported by the Department of Community Health. You can find more information on the Michigan Medicaid program on Michigan.gov, your one-stop website for all your medical related questions. Michigan Medicaid is a state program that benefits those who are can qualify financially. In most instances, Medicaid is for lower income families and households, for women who are pregnant, for children, for aged and for those with disabilities. However, you will need to undergo an application process to determine if you are eligible.

Michigan Medicaid will take care of your bills for you. When on any of the county Michigan Medicaid plans, you will be able to receive proper health care without worrying about the fee. Instead, the fee schedule will be looked after by the health care provider (your doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc) and the state department. You, the middle man, are completely cut out of the cost equation meaning you are able to stay healthy without worrying about paying the money up front.

The Different Michigan Medicaid Program
Under the Michigan Medicaid program, there are several different types of medical services depending on your county. Bluecaid of Michigan, Total Health Care, PHP MM Family Care, Omnicare Health Plan, Midwest Health Plan, Upper Peninsula Health Plan, McLaren Health Plan, CareSource, Procare, Health Plan of Michigan and Great Lakes Health Plan are just a few of the different programs. These programs are located in different areas around Michigan and thus, you will be placed into one of these plans depending on where you currently reside.

Medicaid Michigan Application Process (MARS)
In order to find out if, and what health care plan you qualify for in the state of Michigan, you will need to go through MARS (Michigan Assistance and referral System). This online service will ask you a series of easy to answer questions so you can easily make the right choice about your health care options. Medicaid may or may not be the best bet. There are several other health care programs in Michigan. MARS will guide you through the application process. Available on the Michigan.gov website, MARS operates in English and Spanish.

Michigan Medicaid: After your Eligibility
After you have gone through the application process and been given a case officer, who will assess your financial situation and household needs, you will then begin to receive health care services. This may include financial aid for nutritional purposes or other health-related needs such as day care services and medicines. It is important that you keep in contact with the department and let them know if your situation changes. For example, if you move house, get pregnant, have a death in the family- these things need to be recorded to the Michigan Medicaid department nearest you.