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Web Money magazine SmartMoney Magazine: Getting Smart with your Money
Money magazine is your smartest magazine on everything that has to do with money. Hosted by CNN, Money magazine deals with managing money, making money opportunities, loans and credit, insurance, investments and retirements, planning and saving, small business advice and anything else related to the world of currency. Money magazine is put out once a month and features articles, features, how to’s and opinion pieces on the world of finance. It is sold across the world and via subscription services. You can get a glimpse of the magazine and meet the writers through the CNN website. Some of the articles that appear in the monthly Money Magazine also appear on the Money website featured on CNN. This is one of the smartest places on the web to get your daily, weekly or monthly dose of financial advice to help you get ahead.

Money Magazine Website or Subscription?
Many people enjoy the Money publication rather than clicking through the CNN Money website. It all depends on your tastes. If you prefer to scan through a magazine, then a subscription is quite cheap at only .00 USD for 13 editions. This will differ depending on where you buy the subscription. You can purchase Money Magazine via credit card on the CNN website. The subscription will be sent directly to your home or business address every month.

Benefits to the Money Magazine Website
There are several great things about flipping through a magazine. You can relax on the couch without worrying about your connection to the internet failing; you can read the magazine on the train, in bed, or even in the toilet. In most instances you cannot do that with an online edition (or you don’t want to). However, the Money website features interesting and up to date information on a daily basis. You don’t have to wait a full month for new articles and features. Instead you can wake up to your morning coffee and a small dose of financial advice.

Best of the Best Money Magazine Edition
Money Magazine also puts out a Best of the Best edition where the highlights of the previous year are touched on and a list of the top and best retailers, services, etc are provided. Money Magazine undergoes extensive tests and research to determine who makes the list. Some of the bests to look forward include best savings account, best places to live, best companies to work for, best online broker, best growth retirement funds, best mobile phone plans and best home loan packages. Each Money Magazine is nation specific meaning you will get relevant information based on your national needs. For example, Money Magazine in Australia uses Australian companies such as the Bank of Queensland, while America’s Money Magazine uses America lists cities in California and New York among the best places to live.