Mosaik Master Card from the Bank of Montreal: Add one to Your Wallet Today

Montreal Mosaik master card BankThe Bank of Montreal and Mosaik Master Card
Are you ready for a whole new revolution in credit cards? Well, you better be, because it’s here. The Mosaik Master Card is unlike any other card on the market. Distributed by the Bank of Montreal, the Mosaik Master Card allows you, the customer, to choose you card, your interest rate and your rewards program.

The Bank of Montreal, also known as BMO or BeMo, is one of Canada’s most renowned banks. It is the fifth largest bank in Canada and the oldest, beginning in 1817. There are over 900 branches located across Canada and also operates in America under Harris Bank or BMO Harris.

Bank of Montreal’s Mosaik Master Card Options
There are several options you can choose from with a Mosaik Master Card, depending on what you will be using your card for. First of all, you will get to choose your rewards, starting from no annual fee to 90$ annual fee. You can choose Gold, Silver, Bronze, Premium Cashback or No Fee Cashback. All of these options come with various rewards points with Gold being the best. Next you will select your interest rate. You have two choices: 11% interest with a 35$ per year fee, or 19% interest with no annual fee. Finally, you can choose your card design which features sunflowers, global, monogram, reflection, beach or shell.

Why Add the Mosaik Master Card to your Wallet Contents
There are several reasons for choose Mosaik for your wallet. First of all, BMO’s Mosaik is accepted all over the world. It holds the prestigious MasterCard symbol so you will never be found in a jam. Mosaik also works online which is extremely convenient in the virtual world. Mosaik allows you to swipe and earn rewards points, more so than many other competing credit cards. And, finally, Mosaik allows you to make the choices that matter. If you don’t fly often, what’s the point in collecting air miles? With Mosaik, you can customize a credit card that works with your life.

Comments on the Mosaik Master Card
So what have the customers being saying about this innovative new card system? So far the results have been nothing but good. One of the most common complaints about a credit card is the fear or worry about being locked up. No one wants to feel like they owe the bank, or, worse of all, that the banks own them! With a Mosaik Master Card, customers are quickly realizing how owning a credit card means you are in control of your own payments. The BMO blog is filled with happy comments about the Mosaik Master Card. Have something to say? Read the blogs, leave a reply, post a comment or leave your comment on the blog wall and let others know what you think of the Mosaik.