Passport Application in UK, USA and Canada

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Passport is one of the most important documents that you should have in order to prove your identity and also to prove your nationality. It is issued by the national government, which certifies, for the purpose of international travel. The important elements that a passport contains are name, date of birth, sex and place of birth. The services for passport are mainly rendered by the Ministry of Foreign affairs or by the Passport Authority of a particular country. It is extremely important to have a passport in case you are travelling outside the country or at the time you are trying to prove your identity within your own country.

Previously there were many kinds of passports which were issued by the government but these days there is only one standard passport which serves all the purposes. But in some cases, like in case of Canada you will have to apply for the different categories of passport which the government issues for serving different purposes and to the different groups of people. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind before applying for a passport in any country around the world is that you have to produce true and fair documents to the concerned authority in order to get your passport issued. In case of any unfair means is subject to serious punishment which is applicable for almost all the countries of the world.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do for applying a passport is fill up the form which is issued by the authority. It is in this form that you need to give all the personal details that the authority asks for, along with a passport size photograph whose configuration will be specified by the authority itself. All these forms for the different countries contain some unique things which are important for you to know beforehand. The best possible option that you have in this case is the websites of the authorities which issues these forms. Here you will find all the details about the forms and also important points of filling it up. All the necessary documents that you need to carry along with the form at the time of application are also mentioned clearly in the websites. All that you need to do is follow the instructions which are given there.

United State Government
In case you are residing in the country of Canada or the United States your form for application of the passport will be very similar. But the form for application for British passport which is issued by the UK government is very different from these two countries. The interesting part here is that, the form for India is similar to that of UK. The main reason is the similarity of constitutional laws of the different countries. In case of passport application of any country it is important that you become a permanent citizen of that country. In most of the cases passports are only issued to the residents of a particular country. So, I think that by now you have got an understanding about the importance of passports and if you do not have one for yourself then it is high time that you get it done.