Passports and Visas: British Visa Holders

Visa Passport visa Services

Passport is a document that identifies a person as the citizen of a country. This document is required whenever somebody wants to travel outside their country of residence. The passport is issued by the governmental passport offices of a country.
On the other hand, a visa is a certificate or stamp (on the passport) that is issued by a country’s immigration department. The visa issued in someone’s name ratifies the fact the all the credentials of the applicant was checked and were found to be sufficient to be granted permission for entering into a country. The visa also is permission for a person to stay in a country for a specific period of time. The permission is provisional as the immigration officials of the concerned country have to approve the same. The different types of visas are as follows:

  1. Single entry visa
  2. Multiple entry visa
  3. Tourist visa
  4. Business visa
  5. Residence visa
  6. Work visa
  7. Electronic visa       

Irrespective of the fact whether you are an experienced traveler or a first timer, you have to have knowledge about the various procedures and steps that you need to follow to acquire a visa and a passport. There are various sources from were you can get the requisite help. One needs to get a good grip of the procedures that involve the issuance, renewal of passports and visas.

Visa Services
There are a lot of visa and passport service providers across the world to facilitate easy raveling for the international travelers. One can pay a visit to the official sites of these service providers and can get information on the issues related to passport and visas. The sites have quick links to avail their services regarding the issuance, renewal, name changes and lost or stolen passport and visa.

Let us look at some of these passport and visa service providers and know how they can help international travelers:

  1. This US based service provider who have three offices in the US and provides solutions on issuance of passports. They also offer solutions for the immigration issues and visas.
  2. American Passport- This is a website which can help you in expediting the passport application and issuance. They also assist travelers in obtaining visas and even helping them to submit the application.
  3. This website provides a 24 hour service for online passport application and also provides guidance regarding the visa for various countries. Here one can check the status of their applications any time during the day. Legal guidelines for obtaining visas for the countries which are not part of the Hague convention.
  4. Passport Visas Express- This website is registered to the US passport agency and provides guide and help regarding the expediting of passport and visa application. All the basic services along with a 24 hour customer service is the USP of this website.   
  5. Identity and Passport Service- This is an official agency under the Home office. Passport application and also the status checking is overseen by this agency.