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Paul Mitchell is a well known name in the field of school, hair care, skin care and hair salon and this name is known in more than 29 countries. John Paul Mitchell is the maker and owner of Paul Mitchell which is the brand name of the products launched by john Paul Mitchell. He was born in Scotland and grew up in London where his father worked as the chief engineer at Buckingham palace during 1940.

John Paul Mitchell knew that he want to become a hair stylist and he studied under the tutelage of the Vidal sasson and became one of the prominent hair stylist in early 1960. He was the one who gave hair styling the respect which any other form of art receives and became the showman the hair styling art. After enjoying stardom for more t6han 10 years, he secluded himself from the limelight and wanted to live rest of his life according to new philosophy. In 1975 he went to Hawaii and lived in a one room shack doing yoga, meditation and eating vegetarian food. In 1989 Mitchell died after diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. John Paul jones dejoria was the partner of John Paul Mitchell system with John Paul Mitchell. After his death Dejoria continued his work and the company reached the heights of success even farther.

Paul Mitchell School
Paul Mitchell School is located in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Virginia and in many other states of the United States. The courses offered here is basic cosmetology, the skin academy department and the nail academy department. The teaching style of these schools is unique and the students learn their courses with fun. The positive learning atmosphere inspires students to explore their talents and creativity. The instructors of these schools are learning leaders and they will drag out the artiste in you and, make you ready to face the world with confidence. Students here get classroom and hands on training in any course they choose.   

Hair care products and salons
John Paul Mitchell systems is the number one privately owned company of hair care  in the united states with more than 90 hair care products and the number of salons owned by this farm is more than 90000 worldwide and the headquarter of this farm is in Beverly hills. The company was founded in 1980 in Hawaii by john Paul Dejoria and Paul Mitchell.

The signature style of this farm is the packaging of their products in white bottles with black letters, which caught attention of many competitors but the reason to do so is the cost cutting of the farm as colour inks was costly than the black inks. The popular names of the brands of Paul Mitchell are Paul Mitchell, modern elixirs, Paul Mitchell pro-tools, the tea tree collection, Paul Mitchell lab and Paul Mitchell professional hair colour. Paul Mitchell salons are of two types which are focus salon and signature salon. Focus salon only has john Paul Mitchell system products whereas signature salons have john Paul Mitchell system products and other brands also.