The Alabama Medicaid Agency

Program Alabama medicaid Agency

The Federal program which pays for the short term as well as the long term medical care services for the lower income groups in US. The agency works for the children below poverty level, pregnant women, disabled and nursing home residents. In the present scenario the medical costs in the US are sky high. It is not always possible for every individual to meet the medical expenditure for self and family. The Alabama Medicaid Agency works for the support programs for those individuals.

The Agency is federally recognized and they receive a regular support from the state. During the last few years more than 900,000 citizens of Alabama were selected for the government grant. The federal body constructed few criteria for eligibility for the funds. The groups were identified to provide support-

  • The low income group families
  • The people who receives Supplemental Security Income benefits.
  • Babies born to the mother who is supported by the Medicaid program.
  • Pregnant women and children whose family income is considerably lower than the poverty level.
  • Children aged 6 years to 18 years, whose net family income per annum is 100% lower the federal poverty level.
  • Adoption assistance recipients.
  • Children who are in the custody of the federal Youth Services Department.
  • Few special eligibility group members.

Application Procedure
There are four agencies in US who determine and control the eligibility for the Alabama Medicaid Agency. The groups and agencies which get certification are-

  • The Agency of Social Security Administration, who helps the blind, aged and physically disabled people through the SSI program.
  • The Department of Human Resources in Alabama works for the Foster children and the children who receive the state adoption assistance.
  • The Catholic Social Services helps the refugees.
  • The Alabama Medicaid Agency provides support to the elderly and disabled people. They work for the betterment of the pregnant women and children.

How To Apply
If you want to apply for the Benefits of Alabama Medicaid then you need to fill the correct form which you can download from the website and submit it to the Medicaid office. The application will be reviewed by them and they will get back to you with in a given time frame. No faxed copies are accepted for the application. You need to submit the hand filled form physically.
The temporarily Medicaid coverage applications like the evacuees of the hurricane in US are no longer accepted. Those were stopped by the bill passed by the Federal Government.
People who are applying for the Social Security Disabilities or the Social Security Income facilities need to visit the nearby Social Security Office. They will review your application forms.

The Alabama Medicaid program is very popular in the US and they are doing a great job since the last decade. They have helped thousands of Americans who were in need of help. They stood by the nation and proved that they are the integral part of The United States.