The Cincinnati Kroger Marketplace Conglomerate: From Columbus Marketplace to America’s Grocery Store Giant

Cincinnati Kroger marketplace ColumbusThe Kroger Marketplace Empire: Columbus’ Marketplace, Fry’s, Fred Meyer and More
The Kroger Company is the third biggest general retail and grocery store in the United States, followed behind the multi-billion dollar mega-giant Wal-Mart and equally huge Home Depot. The Kroger Company is responsible for some of the largest retail chain stores all across the country and has almost 2,500 different supermarkets under its wing. The Kroger Company also owns 750 fuel centers across the nation.

Not bad for a small company out of Cincinnati.

The Kroger grocery stores are only a very small part of the huge Kroger Company. In fact Kroger Food and Drug is only located in 15 of the 50 states. Kroger Marketplace is only in Ohio and Kentucky and Kroger Signature Stores are only located in Texas. However, the Kroger named-stores are only a small piece of the Kroger pie.

In Indiana there is Kroger-owned Scotts Food and Pharmacy while in Pennsylvania there is Turkey Hill. The western states of Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska have Fred Meyer while Food For Less is common in California, Nevada and Illinois. Fry’s Food and Drug is located in Arizona; Cala Foods is in California; and Smiths Food and Drugs is scattered in states such as Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

All in all, the Kroger Company takes home 70 billion dollars in revenue per year.

Kroger Marketplace History: Cincinnati Upbringing
Bernard Henry Kroger founded Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati. From there the company continued to expand and grow. The first grocery store with a parking lot surrounding all four sides was pioneered by Kroger in 1930. Throughout the multiple takeovers and buy outs, the Kroger Company’s headquarters still remain in Cincinnati.

The Kroger Marketplace Grocery Store
In regards to the other thousands of stores under the Kroger wing, the Kroger Marketplace is actually fairly small and new. It was first established in Columbus Ohio in 2004.

Essentially, the Kroger Marketplace is designed after Fry’s Marketplace in Arizaon, also owned by the Kroger Company and is meant to be a one-stop multi mega mart for all your needs. You can run all your errands at the Kroger Marketplace and get them out of the way faster. Apart from a grocery and retail area, the Marketplace also features a Fred Meyer Jewelers, also owned by Kroger, a Donato’s Pizza, an in-store bank, plus a section for toys, home wares, appliances and furniture.

The Kroger Marketplace quickly began to expand across Ohio with over 10 stores with more to come. They have also expanded into Kentucky with three different stores. Furthermore, they are planning a grand opening for Kroger Marketplace in Texas and Tennessee later this year.

When it comes to the Kroger Company, its 300,000 employees, its various manufacturers and plants, its thousands of retail stores and its billions of dollars in revenue, the sky is the limit.