To create the perfect cover letter and resume, look at a sample as an example

A sample resume and a free example of a cover letter
Sample cover letters are usually available for free in the many websites that deal with this topic. The interested reader is taken through the steps of writing these essential documents that are meant to accompany resumes in the quest for employment opportunities. A sample cover later will begin by showing you exactly where to place the addresses and the dates as well as the salutation. The first paragraph requires you to expound on the main reason for your writing. You have to mention something brief about how you came to learn about the particular organization. Do not forget to include some brief description about yourself.

The second paragraph is the main body of your cover letter. Here you give details about why you feel that you are qualified for the post, mainly through your educational background and other work experiences that you might have. What qualifications do you possess such that you will be able to add value to the firm? Remember to indicate that you have enclosed your resume. In the third paragraph, mention that you welcome the opportunity for an interview. Include the follow-up effort you will make e.g. calling after two weeks. Also say that you are ready to furnish them with extra information as is required. Thank the reader for the consideration. Finally, append your signature and name at the bottom.

Characteristics of a good resume cover letter
There are lots of websites out there that purport to offer unique resume cover letter templates which are said to be irresistible to Human Resource managers. Sadly, most of these templates have the effect of making a cover letter seem so shallow and generic that it turns of the reader. Before the advent of these templates, people were used to expressing themselves in more ‘real’ terms; the writing could actually inspire the potential employer.

What the job applicant has to realize is that as much as possible the cover letter should ‘talk’ to the reader in human terms a template simply cannot do this. The reader is most probably the HR manager; he is in charge of humans. Write your cover letter accordingly; be relevant enough to coerce the reader into making a decision in your favor.

How to make use of a cover letter example
Your aim should not be to produce a duplicate copy when you are going through a cover letter example even if the author was successful in landing the job he/she applied for. You will however do yourself lots of good by noting how the message was passed across, how the letter was structured. Having noted these aspects in your mind proceed to produce a winner of your own. HR managers have been through thousands of letters already; don’t think that they won’t notice the difference in most cases.

Free cover letters and resume examples
There are plenty of websites from where to get free samples of resume cover letters. If you are not sure about the structure, there are plenty of textbooks that can show you how to proceed.

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